I'm just an average, shy, lame-o gal

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Things I like:
Mass Effect, Audrey Hepburn, cats, cars, video games, BioWare, memes, sex, mac n cheese, lasagna, cats, kittens, kitties, physics, Sherlock Holmes,



DATING TIP: Hold the door for your date. Rip the door off its hinges. Use the door as a weapon to fight off other men. Establish dominance.

elkification asked
why do you put those captions on the pictures with businessmen all the time? i dont understand!


Shhh, they’re dreaming. I still have to name a few more before they wake up.


Lets see how long it will take Ubisoft to kill off Elise.

fuck man that pisses me off cuz it’s so gonna happen


Collab with pootfarie of slyfoxhound and Mokito! A version with no background cause I don’t really like the bg :T